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Join JAPAN Ambassador

What is JAPAN Ambassador?

Do you like Japanese culture, and have a desire to share its appeal with others? We are currently recruiting foreign nationals to assist us in cultural exchange activities as part of “JAPAN Ambassador.”

Those who register will take part in activities relating to Japanese culture (including anime, manga, games, TV drama, music, movies, comedy, cuisine, sight-seeing, etc.) through four main fields:[Promotion], [Experience], [Research], and [Language].

What do you do as a JAPAN Ambassador?

Experience & Promotion


Visit a sightseeing spot, experience it, and express your impressions through SNS.

Language & Promotion

Tourism EXPO Japan 2016

Participate in a Japanese culture event; act as a guide and explain the ropes to foreign nationals attending.


VIPO Academy
Global Business Course

Participate in a group interview; share and examine your opinions regarding overseas expansion of Japanese culture.

Basically, transportation and remuneration may be provided.
We will contact you each time with details on remuneration, location, and time

What are the advantages of being a JAPAN Ambassador?

You will have the chance to
more deeply appreciate
Japanese culture.

You will meet other like-minded
ambassadors wishing to
promote Japanese culture,
as well as take part in
cultural exchange events.

Registration is free.

JAPAN Ambassador Featured Profiles.

Hi. My name is George Akoko from Nairobi, Kenya. I came to Japan in September, 2014. Currently, I am a PhD student at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. My major is in Agricultural and Environmental Engineering. I love Japanese tradition and I usually visit some museums around Tokyo whenever I have some time to learn more about it, and also see some ancient paintings and artefacts.

I joined JAPAN Ambassador as an English tour guide in Tourism EXPO Japan. My main roles mainly encompassed taking guests around the event venue and also sharing with them any information they needed at the Japanese booth. (for English speaking guests)

I would strongly encourage other students to register as JAPAN ambassador as it was a wonderful experience for me to meet, talk and basically interact with many guests from around the world. It also gave me a memorable opportunity to participate (and enjoy) the well-organized Tourism EXPO Japan!

My name is HUANG, JINGYU and I am from mainland China. I came to Japan in 2014 and began my study in linguistics at Waseda University. What attracts me most about Japan is its wonderful balance between traditional and contemporary culture. I love traveling around Japan to find the features of each place and enjoying their subtle difference.

I aspire to promote Japanese culture even before I came to Japan. Joining in JAPAN Ambassador is a great chance for me to have more deep insight about this country. I have participated in Adviser for Global Business Project during which I could provide advice about business opportunities in my own country for Japanese enterprises. Through informative communication with people from various business backgrounds, I also deepened my understanding about industries in Japan. They are really treasurable experience for me which broadened my horizons.

I highly recommend that people who take great interest in Japan and Japanese culture should join as JAPAN Ambassador. Here you can gain intimate experience about various aspects of Japan and communicate with people who share similar aspiration of promoting Japanese culture. By joining its projects and events, the image of Japan you bear in your mind will become more clear and rounded. What you gain will be far more than expected.

My name is Nicole and I am from the United States of America. I came to Japan in August 2016 to study Japanese and Political Science at Waseda University. I have an interest in Japanese language, traditional arts, history, politics, martial arts, and manga.

I was lucky to be able participate in the JAPAN Ambassador’s experience tour, which allowed me to explore Tokorozawa, a city not far from Tokyo. I was able to escape the busy Tokyo life to find a place with a range of architecture, from 600 year old buildings to the not-yet-constructed site for Sakura Town, an entertainment and cultural facility to be completed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I learned about how tea leaves were grown for the purpose of making matcha and I tried a new flavor of dango! It was also a chance for me to meet new people and visit places I would otherwise never have thought to visit, such as the Seibu Prince Dome home of the Saitama Seibu Lions baseball team.

If you are interested in widening your experience of Japan, I encourage you to participate in this program. The staff were extremely welcoming and accommodating.

There are only two requirements to be a JAPAN Ambassador.

Requirement 1

You must have foreign citizenship.
You may register regardless of occupation
and place of residence (in Japan or overseas).

Requirement 2

You like Japanese culture and wish
to promote its appeal.

We value our integrity.

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the Japanese content industry mainly in the areaof businesses focused
on “Market Development” and “Human Resource Development”
We run operations at the request of governmental agencies such as Ministry of Economy,
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